Tuesday, 14 May 2013


Sandra comes to see the team at work !

Collect Sandra from Pallant House so she can see the Partners in Art in practice...

Sandra and Barbara in the studio

Looking at the New York Maps

Joel chose a cup from Barbara's kitchen and they recycled  one of her canvas's

They chose white pastels to  draw cups with

We thought it needed another colour so Barbara mixed  a sepia wash on it went

 Job done and the last one before the show next week .... Clearing and cleaning  on Tuesday , Hanging on Thursday at Winter's Moon  ....

                                        WINTER'S MOON HANGING DAY
Darcy came to help

The walls are so hard  my drill head nearly melts ! So nip next door to the welders and borrow a hard core welder's strength one !

Friday, 12 April 2013

Barbara's fresh in from New York a little jet lagged..

Barbara and I arrange to meet up on Tuesday . I collect Joel and on our way to Barbara's I get a flat tyre, its raining and I can't get the hub-cap off ! Waaaaah ! Fortunately a good friend rocks up and deals with it ...  so I phoned Barbara to let her know , she was jet-lagged having arrived back from New York and is blissfully unaware of the time , so still in bed ! Joel and I eventually make it over to her studio and they dither around for a bit trying to decide what to paint . It takes a while , in the end we get Joel to choose ! So cup first...

Joel chose this cup from Barbara's kitchen

Then the favourite milk jug ..
such a dear little jug !

It was quite hard going drawing on the canvas due to the uneven surface , then Barbara mixed up this lovely grey and completely lifted the picture...

The grey was a stroke of genius !

Jug is my favourite

mmm Joel chose a grater

Looking little bit Darlic  !

Barbara gets in there with the GREY !

Then they try to redefine with pencil ...

End up using black oil pastel

So even more Darlic / calculator !

I like them ...

Only 3 weeks before Exhibition ...

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Back to Barbara's , get the kettle on !

Another productive morning with Barbara . We still had the blue Kettle from Julia's to use , such a gorgeous unmistakable shape , thought the big BLACK canvas was the one for the job !
Joel entranced by one of Barbara's amazing maps ...

Barbara talking us through some detail on the London Map she's working on

Setting up the kettle and massive black canvas

Just drawing random kettles until the space is filled

Taking a breather and on standing back from the drawing we decide to add some black paint

Using black paint in space around the kettles

Done !

Couldn't resist this  !

 After the wonderful Kettle I found a bottle on Barbara's kitchen window sill with a white stopper , they approved and chose grey pastels to draw it with and then white to do the stopper and reflections.

 Then decided to use grey in the space around the  bottles.
Really like them , they all look great together.

Another recycled canvas , white this time !
Preparing  old canvas , black over the blue

Canvas ready for next session

 Joel and I pop over to Julia's at 'Winter's Moon' warehouse to look at the space again where we'll be holding the Exhibition in May . Its FREEZING ! Poor Julia ! So just got a little bit of sorting out to do before the show ! Julia is doing  the invite and we've decided on the 2nd weekend in May , it'll be on along side the Open Studio's  which will be fun .
 Winter's Moon Warehouse /Show Room  .  Plenty of wall space for Joel & Barbara's pictures